AWS Certified Developer – Associate – Passed! with 98% score!!

So I decided to take some time out of my crazy work schedule to get my next AWS certification. I had recently started to write some more Lambda functions and further develop my python skills.

As for the preparation I went through the videos and just focused on the DynamoDB, S3, SWF and SQS as these were the areas that this exam were more focused on. The AWS fundamentals were a breeze (having gone over them a few times before in the AWS SysOps and Architect exams). I was able to get through the video content in about 2 weeks of lunch breaks and just smashed the practice exams every night for a week.

The exam itself I was able to complete it in 20 minutes flat and scored 98%! Only one question I got wrong (which I think was a a result of me rushing to fast through it). I feel that of the three associate AWS certifications this was the easiest but I still was able to learn a few things. Which is what its all about anyway.


Did I mention I got 98% 🙂 Very pleased with that result!