SCOM – Calculation of “Memory Utilization” under Linux

I was reading the SCOM Technet Forums and found an interesting post about “Calculation of “Memory Utilization” under Linux”

Long story short SCOM’sĀ calculation for “Available Memory” (values are gathered from /proc/meminfo) is:


m_availablememory = freemem + buffers + cached


But according to the Linux Admin it would make more sense if “Available Memory” would be calculated like this:


m_availablememory = freemem + Inactive


The response from a Microsoft employee was:

“Again, let me stress: There is no “right way” or “wrong way” to derive available memory. There are different ways, and many of them make sense. This is why different system utilities on the same systemoften report different values for this figure.”


If you would like to see the full post on TechNet it’s located here.