AWS Puppet Labs workshop Melbourne

I was able to attend a Puppet Labs workshop at AWS offices in Melbourne on Monday. New to the Puppet tool I had found quickly that Puppet uses a declarative method of describing a state rather then using procedural code. Something new to me (as well as a lot of other AWS things I have recently been discovering)

There was a real mix of experienced people attending the puppet Lab workshop from those that had used it for some time to the noobs (like myself) who were windows based IT guys.

We were run through the basic setup of a master node and then some of the post configuration to start looking into how puppet starts to take control of files, packages, instillation, services and other configurations. Again the idea of letting go of control and letting the tools do the work for you is a repeated theme that a lot of  engineers (and users) need to adopt if IT want to become efficient. (Cattle not Pets).

Next step for me is to think of things Id like to have under puppet control in a windows lab environment…. Might need to do some more research and come back to that one now that I think of it.

I think most attendees got something out of that day. At the very least working with AWS sniping up servers, becoming more familiar with the interface is always good to practice.



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