I was there!.. AWS Summit 2014 Melbourne


So the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit 2014 has come and gone in Melbourne. It was a full house at the keynote with some breakout sessions having  standing room only.

Being new to AWS  I went to the 101 sessions and found that a majority of the info was aimed more at sales but some of the technical aspects did peak my interest such as moving Microsoft Windows Server workloads and Windows Server applications to AWS and understanding a bit more about licencing with AWS. oh and PS.. Windows Server 2003 will be end-of-life by July 2015.

What were some of the things did I took away from the AWS Summit:

  • Chaos monkey, chaos gorilla and chaos Kong stands out as tools used to deliberately break your AWS (service/servers/region) in order make sure your design is truly fault tolerant by deliberately introducing failures and building automated response to these failures to ensure that you never lose a service/s. (this was my favorite)
  • Think of servers as cattle not pets. Need to move away from the idea when a server has an issue, blow it away and redeploy a fresh one. Less likely spending time trouble shooting less likely engaging vendor support for critical issues.
  • Build teams to a max size that 2 pizzas can feed. Closer collaboration between team members will enhance productivity.
  • What does DevOpsmean? Breaking down barriers. I’m not a developer I come from the Operations side and now building solutions to solve business problems and also have to support them… Does that make me a DevOp…

And the $50 AWS credit will be handy playing with (i mean testing) AWS services. 🙂